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Odessa Rotary Club

A Global Network Community of Volunteers

благотворительные акции одесса

About Odessa Rotary club

Odessa Rotary Club was established in 1995. IT was the time of major changes in our country, as well as in the society. These changes influenced The Rotary Club. Time was when just 7 members remained with the Club. But even then the people who considered themselves true Rotarians in heart tried to do society-oriented kind deeds.

благотворительность одесса "The fresh start in the life of Odessa Rotary Club - August 16, 2005.Ceremonial reception of District Govenor Jan Vrana , his representative in Odessa and ex-Govenor Pavel Kashkadamov,Visa Consul of the Polish Consulate in Odessa Slavomir Ptasinski by Odessa RC and Kherson RC."

In 2004 Odessa Rotary Club Together with American Rotary Clubs from the city of Bowlder carried out a big project of production, transportation and distribution of 250 wheelchairs in accordance with the made-in-advance orders from different organizations.

благотворительность одесса Ceremonial reception RC Odessa and RC Khersonin Odessa, August16, 2006. From the left to the right: Maria Vrana, the spouse of the Govenor of the District2230, Slavomir Ptasinski- Visa Consul of the Polish Consulate, Jan Vrana,The Govenor of the District 2230 in 2004- 2006, Boris Goloborodko – Odessa Rotary Club President in 2004-2006, Svetlana Melkonyan- RC Odessa Secretary in 2004-2006, Pavel KashkadamovThe representative of the Governor in Ukraine and ex-Govenor 2002-2003, Yuri Gora- assistant govenorin Southern region., Andrey Yatsenko- RC Kherson President.

The majority of the wheelchairs were manufactured for children and the Rotarians were handing them over during a few days at the House with the Angel- the Rehabilitation centre for disabled children.

180 people, the Disabled Society members, got new wheelchairs as well. Afgan veterans and a few people form Odessa oblast who applied for wheel chairs on their own accord were provided with them.

The constituent part of Rotary International is Rotary Foundation which carries out the financing of humanitarian and educational programs all around the world. Since 1947 Rotary has allotted more than 1,1 billion dollars on such programs on the whole. Among the other well-known and significant international programs one con note 20-year vaccination program against poliomyelitis, Which ended with the victory over that dangerous disease.

благотворительность одесса Meeting with Jan and Joke Zoete from Holland, who brought the money for Odessa pensioners.

At the end of 2004 a charity sum from a retired Dutch couple was received into Rotary Club account.Jan and Joke Zoete were travelling around Ukraine. And they were stunned by the beaty of Odessa city and hand-to-mouth existence of many retired people in Odessa.Having come home Jan and Joke decided to do what they could to help the needy Odessians.The money were distributed and given as Christmas presents to 10 impoverished elderly people.

In 2005 new active members joined the Club. New horizons were discovered and we wre able to support boarding school № 93 for blind children, where a vocal teacher paid by Rotary Club Odessa has been working for 3 years.

In December 2005 at the request of the boarding school management the Rotarians of Odessa Club helped the school in the following ways:

  • collected and brought one-month food supply for 100 blind children
  • collected and brought to the boarding school clothes and shoes for orphans and children of scanty means
  • paid for the professional business trip of the computer science teacher to Kiev to the workshop “Contemporary methods and means of computer education for physically-challenged people
  • gave sweet New Year presents to all the pupils of the boarding school on St Nicholas day, December, 19

благотворительность одесса The representatives of Rotary at Odessa city hall before the meeting with the city mayor Eduard Gurvits. From the left to the right:
Pavel Kashkadamov- the representative of the governor in Ukraine and ex-govenor (2002-2003)
Jan Vrana Govenor of the District 2230 (2004-2006)
Maria Vrana The spouse of the Govenor of the District 2230
Boris Goloborodko- President of Odessa Rotary Club(2004-2006)
Svetlana Melkonyan – Secretary of Odessa Rotary Club (2004-2006)

At the beginning of 2006 the work on renovating and reequipping the special classroom at the boarding school for blind children with new computer programs. The classroom was equipped by American Rotary Club Murphy from North Carolina and Rotary Club Odessa in November 1999.

благотворительность одесса Ceremonial reception RC Odessa and RC Khersonin Odessa, August, 16, 2006. From the left to the right:
Pavel Kashkadamov, The representative of the Governor in Ukraine and ex-Govenor 2002-2003
Andrey Yatsenko- RC Kherson President
Jan Vrana, The Govenor of the District 2230 in 2004- 2006
Boris Goloborodko – Odessa Rotary Club President in 2004-2006
Svetlana Melkonyan- RC Odessa Secretary in 2004-2006
Maria Vrana, the spouse of the Govenor of the District 2230

At the moment there are 16 active and creative people at Rotary Club Odessa. They are doctors, Lawyers, sportsmen, businessmen. At the last District meeting June 2006 in Krakow the Club received Diploma from the District leaders for being an actively developing club, skillfully employing new members to Rotary movement.

District is the Rotary Union of 3 countries:

  • Poland (74 clubs)
  • Ukraine (43 clubs)
  • Belorussia (5 clubs)

There are approximately 1000 people in the District.

помощь детям сиротам, детям инвалидам Lilia Makarova is performing at Krakow Academy of Arts

Rotary club Odessa actively supports artistic youth. In the summer of 2006 with the support of Rotary Club Odessa and with the help of Polish Clubs the student of Stolyarski School Lilia Makarova, who was chosen to study at the Summer Academy of Arts in Krakow, was able to study at the workshops and master classes of the Academy.

Every Year Rotarian programs offer student to take part in the competition for different grants. The Club members in every possible way help to inform and invite the students of various fields to participate in such competitions for studying at the universities in Germany, America, Australia, Holland and Spain.

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