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Long Island Orchestra

On July 15 2008 Long Island Youth Orchestra from USA gave a charity concert in Odessa Philarmonic society to support the humanitarian programmes of Odessa Rotary Club. The famous youth orchestra was founded in September of 1962 by Martin Dreivitz, the Orchestra Chief Conducter, who united the young musicians wishing to present people with wonderful music. Today it consisits of more than 100 persons out of which 85 came to Odessa. During its existance the orchestra have prerared more than 2000 musicians who play now in the best collectives all around the world. The distinctive charatcter of the orchestra worth attention is its summer tours for the last 35 years. Since 1971 Long Island Youth Orchestra actually visited all corners of the world. All guest concerts are done together with local Rotary Clubs.The funds rescued from the concerts have gone for social and humanitarian projects in the areas that are under control of Rotary Clubs. In 2007 the Orchestra for the first time went on Black Sea summer tour Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey as well as two ukrainian cities Odesa an Yalta. Till that time the Orchestra never performed in Ukraine. The Orchestra can be accounted for more than hundreds of charity concerts all around the world. The funds rescued from the concert were decided to direct for the realization of two clubs projects. Ukraine without AIDS and tuberculosis. It is assumed to acquire a movable medical laboratary as well as AIDS and tuberculosis tests. The programme is plan for 2008. To continue to support the financing of another project Gift of Life Fund. This fund was registered in Odessa in 2005. The main activity is the open heart operations for kids with congenital heart disease who are not able to live without such a medical help. Thanks to this programme there are 40 cardiologic operations made in Odessa District Hospital for orphans or low-income families kids in the age from half a year to twelve years old. The Odessa Philarmonic Society Main Hall was full. Mr. Andrey Baganich, 2230- District Governor, was present. Everyone, who came to the concert, understood that by buying a ticket one took part in the noble act to save childrens lives.
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