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SAVE A CHILDS LIFE! On March 27, 2009 Save A Childs Life! project to acquire necessary equipment to cure premature small-for-date newborns with different pathologies has come into life under the aegis of Odessa Rotary Club with Charity Fund Ukraine! Im For You!. Irrespective political or economic situation in the times of stability or crisis there are plenty newborns appear our children! But recently a lot of children are premature born with pathologies. Most of them parents leave with a maternity hospital. Then depending on their pathology level they go to resuscitation or pathology newborn department. In Odessa it is Reznik City Children Hospital # 1, the unique hospital where all premature newborn go. Who can give them a chance to survive? Neither the state, nor parents want them We are able to influence their lives to give necessary help. This help includes the purchase of necessary equipment for newborns. One of the devices is Lineamate spray feeder that helps a medical nurse to free some time for newborns and to feed several newborns at once. In 2007 The Charity Fund Ukraine! Im For You! was founded. The regional Representative and the project coordinator is Mrs. Svetlana Soboleva. Coming to know about Odesa Rotary Club Svetlana addressed the Club for support. The first who in 2009 answered to the request of the Fund and Odessa Rotary Club to support Save A Childs Life project and to purchase the necessary equipment was the Head of Marine Trade Sea port Yuzhniy Mr. Yuriy Kruk. Ukrainian National Stevedore Company, General manager Mr. Mogilniy A.A. financially supported the project too. On March 27, 2009 Odessa Rotary Club President Mr. Baileys E.M., the project coordinator Mrs. Soboleva S. and the Deputy Manager of port Yuzhniy Mr. Yazenko V. handed over the medical equipment to Reznik Hospital # 1. The project goes on. We hope than this article as well as the information in mass media about the project will catch the eyes of sponsors, managers to help children.
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