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WHEEL CHAIR BASKETBALL BLACK SEA ROTARY CUP (WCBBSRC) On June 5-7, 2009 WHEEL CHAIR BASKETBALL BLACK SEA ROTARY CUP (WCBBSRC) took place in Krayan Sport Complex. The teams from Turkey, Moldava, Belorusssia and Ukraine (BC Donbas and Odessa-Basket) came to take part. The tournament planned to be regular. The first part took place in 2007 in Chishineu and was organized by Moldova, Turkey and Romania Rotary Clubs. The idea to organize the tournament in Odessa was supported by th city autorities, Basketball Regional Federation (Mr. Gorbatko V., President), City Basketball Federation (Mr. Bychkov O., President), Charity Fund The Future (Mr. Litvak B., President), Rotary Club Odessa (Mr. Baileys E., President), Community Enterprise Life Strategy, Odessa City Hall Phisical Culture and Sports Department (Mrs. Terekhina L.), Recreation and Tourism Department (Mr. Aksanyuk V.), city programme Invataxi in the person of Evropa Company (Mr. Veduta E.), City Social Politics Department, etc. The General Secretary of International Basketball Wheel Chairs Federation in Europe Mr. Ron Kopenratt (Holland) and the President of Basketball Wheel Chairs Federation Mr. Ali Duran Karakaya, Mr. A. Munir Gokmen, Rotary Club (Turkey), Sr. Bartosz Molik, Federation Technical Officer were present.
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