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THE WORLDS COMMUNITY UNITES TO SAVE UGANDA CHILDREN Among the most significant humanitarian efforts ever made by Rotary International Our Hearts Are With Uganda project stays separately due to the fact that in the framework of Gift of Life International programme international teams of doctors checked dozens of thousand children with born cardial problems in Uganda and 30 out of them in April-May 2009 were directed for operations to 25 hospitals in 13 countries. The operations were done at the same time and the aim of this action bisides to save the lives of children was to attract the worlds community attention to the Uganda children problems. As the fact it is planned to creat special centres for such operations in Uganda because thousands of children there need it. This initiative gathered thousands of Rotarians, medicals and other socially active persons for all over the world, - said Robbie Donno, Gift of Life International Founder and Chairman, the main aim is to save lives of children in all countries of the world. 34 years back Mrs. Grace Agwaru, Uganda citizen, got the first the help from Gift of Life. My life made a full cycle. Then I got the help from the programme that saved my life, now I want to help to save the lives of ather children,- said Agwary who today is Gift of Life International World Ambassador. Gift of Life Fund in Ukraine ia registered in Odessa in September 2005 by two Rotarians under their Call of Heart Mr. Alexander But, presently residing in USA, a member of Locoust Valley Rotary Club, NY, and Mr. Valeriy Goncharko, 2009-2010 Rotary Club Odessa President who heads the Fund. The core of the programme is the help to make operations with the open heart for children of born cardial problems to save their lives. Now in July 2009 we can say openly about the results of the programme: in Odessa Regional Hospital a specially prepared team of surgeons (Mr. Lekan, Head of the department) have made 105 successful operation for children from a year and a half to 15 years old and all of them got the hope for the future full life. The programme forsees in the first run the free of charge operations for children from low-income families or orphans. In the programme framework Gift of Life International sent one of the 30, Charles Osinde, to be operated in Ukraine. Due to the objective reasons it was decided to operate the boy in Kiev Heart Center (Mr. Todurov Boris, head of the Center, operated). The Rotary Club Odessa and Rotary Club Kiev-Center as well as the Gift of Life Odessa members joined their efforts to accept the young patient from Uganda. The main coordinators were: Mr. Rostislav Lukach from Rotary Kiev-Center and Mrs. Marina Molchanova, Gift of Life Odessa. Many non-indifferent people from Uganda, America and Ukraine coordinated the process to safe the Charless life round the clock. On June 5, 2009 in the operation day the hearts and thoughts of each of them were bihind Charles. And what a happiness it was next day to see in the mail the smiling boy from Uganda who as all participants of the international action hope will have a long and happy life!
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