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"Open World"-visit to USA

Members of the Rotary Clubs of the world are helping to support the business and friendly relations of various social programs. One such program - "Open World" - approved by the U.S. Congress and in effect since 1999. This - Leadership Program, which provides an opportunity for political and public figures to visit the United States to exchange experiences in various areas. Under the rules of the program, the Rotary Club Odessa recommended candidates - partners of the Club, who collaborated with it in the medical and social services. Finalists were Melnik Uliana - cardiologist Childrens Hospital, Prokhorov Oleg - head of the sports organization Disabled Sports ORA, Ilyashenko Alla - pediatrician, Igor Brusnitsyn - Head of Rehabilitation Center of Iljichiovsk for children with cerebral palsy, Yekaterina Golubeva - Secretary of Rotary Club Odessa. Subject program "Non-governmental organizations in the United States." In Odessa in the trip on the program "Open World" involved another 45 Ukrainians from different cities. Each group in America to take appropriate public organizations: 25 persons - specialized in environmental issues, 20 - for womens leadership, 5 Odessa - on the activities of public organizations. On the first day of the program in Washington September 18, 2009 for all the great Ukrainian group held a workshop in the Library of Congress. Before us were: 1. Semyuel Potolikkio (Sam Potoliccio) - Ph.D. Georgetown University (Georgetown University department of Government) spoke on "American Federalism. After his speech at the program participants had the opportunity to ask questions and personally interact with the speaker. 2. Stiven Pfeiffer - in the recent past, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, the theme of "The American view of the difficulties and prospects of Ukraine". He called for the construction of the civilized world in the former CIS countries. On the issue of the Odessa delegation, whether he is prepared to give an example of civilized relations between states after the "divorce", and the division of the States - a sort of "divorce", he noted civilization of the Balkan countries. 3. In discussions on the theme "Role of NGOs in the United States have participated with the U.S. side: Ken Bossongo - CEO, Sunday and coordinator of the Coalition for Energy, a former Peace Corps volunteer who worked in Ukraine, representatives of national and local host organizations: Jenny Greer, National Fund for Peace, Don Cleary Center Friends of Chernobyl, Christina Sonevitski - Arlington branch of the Association sister cities, Jack T.Pitzer- Alexandria, Virginia District7610 RC Mount - Vernon, Virginia; Tanya Vaynarovski - Partnership vital votes, John A. Kun, Vice President of Foundations "Ukraine - U.S. Regarding non-governmental organizations in America, it is important to note that they are cooperating with government and, indeed, could win tenders for the implementation of public projects - not just government money, and attracting funds holding charitable events, as well as civil society organizations have the opportunity to implement fundraising. By law in America, each organization must have a website where it publishes an annual financial report. From the levers of influence on legislators, the main - is the media. Through them, public organizations can influence the laws of the country to enhance their social orientation. After the seminar in Washington, the delegates went on a tour of the city center with a visit to the National Art Gallery, which is a complex of 12 museums of the Smithsonian Institution. This Institute was founded in 1846 by a law passed by the U.S. Congress. This complex of museums, galleries and research centers (out of 17 in Washington and New York) was named for an Englishman, James Smithson, an English chemist, who has never been in the United States, but bequeathed his entire fortune (about half a million dollars) for the base in Washington, an institution that would be "to promote and increase knowledge among the people." Smithsonian bequest, entrance to museums Institute in Washington - free. Further, the delegation visited the memorial to President Franklin Roosevelt Franklin Roosevelt, who in spite of the fact that he was confined to a wheelchair, the only one in U.S. history, was elected President of the country four times. The second day of the program, delegates held at the Ukrainian Festival in Washington. All day on the scene, located near the picturesque lake, passed and concerts dance groups in colorful costumes, singing bandore players, and were performers. Among them was the Consul of Ukraine in America, and the consular officer. Immediately conducted fair-selling Ukrainian clothes, art, books, dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Festival was held on the territory and with the support of the church. There was a chance to any person willing to try Ukrainian borsch, dumplings and nalistniki, paying a very small amount. Borsch, however, was without meat, but for most tasters, it was important that the money from the sale will be spent on charitable purposes. Many at the fair purchased clothing with Ukrainian ornamentation. Unfortunately, however, revealed that the majority of souvenirs and clothing offered here are made in China, but not in Ukraine. Then the delegates of a large group dispersed, each to their designated program in the host organization city of Berkeley, California, city of Wausau, Wisconsin, the Carnegie, Pennsylvania, city Arlengton, Va. , the Bethesda, Md., part of the delegation stayed in Washington. All further activities for the delegation from Odessa, organized the Rotary Club of Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia, 20 miles from Washington. Our group was accompanied by Olga Tikhonova and translator - Anna Tigan - a former diplomat who has repeatedly bailed their advice and knowledge of life and living of Americans. Alexandria, the birthplace of the first President George Washington. This is one of the oldest cities in the country, his age was 50 years of age more of the capital - Washington. Rotary Club of Alexandria, 82 years old, it employs 141 people. Six members serve at the club over 50 years. To receive the delegation the club prepared a very responsible, at a high level. Each of the delegates is located in the family of Rotarians that helped to know each other and to establish cordial relations. During the stay in Alexandria, delegates visited nearly 20 public and private organizations: 1. Demo Kendall School for the Deaf (Kendall Demonstration School for the Deaf (KDES) and secondary school for the deaf (Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) of the National Center for Education and Deaf Clark, Laurent (Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center). KDES and MSSD work with deaf students and with those who are hard of hearing. The Center and Clark University Gallodeta provide information, offer training and technical assistance to parents and professionals to meet the needs of such children. The mission of schools to raise the quality of education that is offered to deaf students and those who hard of hearing from birth to 21 years throughout the United States. When you visit the delegation learned that the federal government is a group that protects the rights of the deaf: in employment and help people with disabilities. For each ward is offered an individual plan, the success of which is controlled by monthly tests and records of all his life. The work of young and professional teachers are not limited to the walls of schools, rehabilitation is in close liaison with parents. Implants and wheelchairs are available free of charge. 2. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Hospital Ainu Fairfax (Fairfax Inova Fairfax Hospital-Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)). Here are working on programs for prevention, diagnosis and treatment disorders in children. By coincidence, the hospital staff was a Ukrainian doctor, Mrs. Nesterenko. She spoke about the standard tests for hearing and vision, which makes the newborn in America. Among the delegates were two of Pediatrics Ilyushenko, Brusnitsyn, Alla and Igor, they confirmed that Ukraine is also done similar tests, but U.S. hospitals are equipped with modern and expensive equipment in the future is the computer records the slightest change in state kids. In addition, all physicians are insured in case of medical error - is the standard for American hospitals. Early detection of prevents diseases of children. The clinic purely unobtrusively, recreated home furnishings (different design beds), where close to a child than moms, and dads are and grandfather. After little patients and their parents continue to communicate with the hospital staff, as evidenced by the numerous hanging along the walls, photos of happy and healthy children. 3. American Center for Development of speech ( American Speech Language Disorders) Head - a young doctor, Tommy Robinson (Tommie L. Robinson), the recipient of numerous diplomas in the field of medicine. He gladly showed modern rooms, equipped with a special mirror-window, through which the child does not feel that he was watching professionals, and just played with their parents or teachers. Once the diagnosis is determined for each child is assigned a special course, after which corrected the defects of speech. Of particular note is the culture of demonstrations and presentations on America, which is standard accompanied by written materials, practical demonstrations and discussions. 4. Public Lutheran organization to help disabled people with musculo-skeletal Appliances. (Lutheran Services in America Disability Network) organization consists of lawyers, who under the law "On Medicine" and the amendments thereto represent the interests of persons with disabilities. 5. Alexandria town hall, our delegation participated in the meeting of city council. Under the rules of the city hall, meetings are broadcast on local television. All invitees were given the floor. Before our delegation were schoolchildren returning from France. Then we spoke about Ukraine and about those bright impressions and knowledge that have already managed to get in America. 6. Hospital Alexandria. (Inova Alexandria Hospital) This visit was one of the most interesting. Head of Hospital (chief Executive Officer), Rotarian disabled invited the entire medical staff at a round table with the delegates and everyone tried to answer the questions. The central themes were insurance and responsibilities of doctors. The delegates, in turn, drew attention to some shortcomings in the medical system of America, such as: 1) the inability to call a doctor at the house. In many hospitals have a helipad for private planes, and 2) there is no spa facilities; 3) time spent in the hospital less than two - three weeks, then, if necessary, medical staff visits the patient at home. Delegates also learned that the responsibility for fundraising in 2009, drew 2 million USD, that the chief doctor except for basic medical degree, there is another degree of doctor of business, personnel manager starts to pick up young medical talent, even before graduation. 7. Independent center with disabilities in Northern Virginia. (Independence Center of Northern Virginia) Center Director David Berdz (David V. Burds) - invalid, confined to a special chair. For questions about how to deal with the indifference of Ukrainian officials to the Disabled, he and his assistant, admitted that he himself once, to draw attention to disability issues had chained themselves to the tram stop, it was thirty years ago. They sought equipment ramps entrances to an intersection of homes and the availability of public transport seats for the disabled. At present the budget of the organization receives from the federal government 5 million USD, in addition, they earn by attracting charitable funds and employ people with disabilities. 8. National Institute of Health. (National Institute of Health). This research institute is specializing in genetic and rare diseases. After submitting your application for examination, the commission determines how interesting study of such diseases to the Institute. And if it takes a patient, then at his own expense, examination and treatment, also for children and adults free of charge to a modern, equipped kitchen for self-cooking, housing, where each has his own comfortable room and common room, a place for prayer and relaxation, tennis and billiard halls, as well as classes for teaching children miss school. 9. Association to help patients with cerebral palsy. (United Cerebral Palsy) Mr. Bennett met with the delegates, spoke about his organization and its role in research, prevention and services for people with cerebral palsy. Stephen Bennet (Stephen Bennet) - a completely healthy person, in the past, a successful businessman, is trying to be helpful to people suffering from cerebral palsy, and successfully engaged in the collection and disbursement of funds for the patients. 10. Childrens home and nursery Alexandria. (Alexandria Day Nursery and Childrens Home) Gordon Peyton (Gordon Peyton) - head of the orphanage and nursery Alexandria very surprised the delegates. We were in elegant office in the heart of Alexandria, although the expected standard in this case in Ukraine, schools where children live and learn. The point is that in America, part of the administrative and social group - the children or the sick - these are two independent components institution. Leadership Gordon Peyton is to collect funds for the maintenance of facilities, and here his authority lawyers who prepare documentation on the heritage and are in talks to raise funds - perform fundraising, finding benefactors and patrons. From the story about the difficulties faced by Mr. Peyton, remember that sometimes lonely American patrons to more easily sign over the state of the animals, not children. 11. Mobile unit - the bus for dental treatment. (Mama and baby Bus-Mobile unit) delegation visited the mobile van in a poor district of Alexandria, equipped with the most minimum of dental equipment. Twice a week is free examination and treatment by appointment. Maybe for some patients - is the only way to get rid of a toothache, as well as dental services for many living in this area are very expensive. 12. Kindergarden for the children with developmental disabilities. (Head Start site for disabled children). The kindergarden was more similar to other Ukrainian. When entering an educator, a woman about 40 years, read kiddies book, and one of the kids fell asleep in her arms. Later the teacher told me that she continues to learn - and annually increasing skills. Apart from the basic training program for child development, teacher works every day in the computer program, fills out the card for each child. The program is the same for all staff and when moving to a new place of residence access to information about each child is open to workers in other kindergartens. 13. Concert Hall. (Alexandria Symphony Orchestra). President-electric RK Alexandria Gail Spurrite is the Board of Trustees of the local philharmonic society. She invited us to listen to the music of Vivaldi and Gershwin. The concert was wonderful! 14. Museum of George Washingtons Mount Vernon - home of the first American President. It was reproduced a picture of this American life the 18 th-19 th centuries. The model soldier, resting after the battle, in the window - an army on horseback, and himself, George Washington on his horse - an albino. George Washington after their victory was elected to a second term. Then he offered to run for a third term, but he refused, explaining that the fact that the resident should not hold office more than two terms, and that he must do personal affairs, after all - life is one ... Thus, he laid the foundation for a serious presidential institution in America. I remember a wax museum and cinemas, where he talked about military victories, and when the screen snowing, he walked in the room. Ten days passed like a moment. He came time to say goodbye. We returned home overcrowded experiences and plans. The first significant result of the trip was a joint project of two Rotary Clubs - bus acquisition for the disabled through the Rotary International Foundation to organize "Sports ORA. Its leader, Oleg Prokhorov, was in the delegation. The next important result was not to wait long, Oleg decided to join the Rotary movement. January 26, 2010 Rotary Club of Odessa number of members was enlarged with one good man. We express our deep gratitude to all participants and organizers of the program. We are confident that the resulting experience will be useful to each of us to do the world a better place under the motto of Rotary: "Service above self".
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