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ротари благотворительность одесса : благотворительность одесса
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Odessa Rotary Club

A Global Network Community of Volunteers

ротари одесса : благотворительность одесса

Rotary Club Members

помогаем детям, инвалидам, старикам Oleg Prokhorov
Active Member since 2010
President 2013-2014, 2017-2018
Professional activity: coach
помощь детям сиротам одесса Boris Goloborodko
Active Member since January 1997
President years 2004 - 2005, 2005 - 2006, 2012 - 2013,2016-2017
Professional activity: medicine/cardiology
Hobby: travelling, photography
помощь детям сиротам одесса Veniamin Lushpenko
Active Member since November 2008
President years 2014-2015,2015 - 2016
Secretary years 2010 - 2011, 2011 - 2012, 2012 - 2013
Professional activity: advertisement
Hobby: skiing
Valeriy Goncharko
President 2009--2010,2010-2011
Active member since December 2006
Professional activity : restaurator
Hobby: creative designer
помощь инвалидам одесса, детям инвалидам Yekaterina Golubeva
Active Member since August 2004
Secretary years 2006–2009
Professional activity: accounting, law
Hobby: opera and reading, jazz singing, amateur performance
благотворительность одесса Erlen Baileys
Active Member since October 1995
President years 2003–2004, 2008–2009
Professional activity: Human Recourses
Hobby: preference
помощь детским домам одесса Svetlana Melkoyan
Active Member since August 1999
Secretary years 2004–2006
President years 2006–2007
Professional activity: Management
Hobby: good music, reading about bright historical events and persons, knitting
помощь детям сиротам одесса Tetyana Markova
Active Member since January 2007
President years 2011 - 2012
Professional activity: music
помощь детям сиротам, детям инвалидам Vera Chub
Active Member since August 2004
Professional activity: education, foreign languages
Hobby: flowers
помогаем детям, инвалидам, старикам Tetiana Karpehenkova
Active Member since November 2009
Professional activity: editor
помощь детям сиротам одесса Irina Galina
Active Member since november 2011.
Professional activity: child neurologist.
Hobbies: help homeless animals.
помощь детям сиротам одесса Radomir Navkovich
Active Member since February 2013.
Professional activity: work with software products.
Hobbies: piano, jazz, basketball.
помощь детям сиротам одесса Vadim Tereshcuk
Active Member since July 2013.
Professional activity: lawyer.
Hobbies: tennis.
помощь детям сиротам одесса Alexey Tyshchenko
Active Member since July 2017.
Professional activity: lawyer.
Hobbies: music.
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