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Odessa Rotary Club

A Global Network Community of Volunteers

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How to join Rotary club

Conditions of joining Rotary Club

From the statute of Odessa Rotary Club public organization


5.1. Adults with high professional and ethical reputation that meets professional requirements are eligible for club membership

5.2. There are 4 types of membership available in the club: active member, senior active member, honorary member, and Club Veteran.

1. Any person that is invited to join the club and meets the criteria set by this article (Perspective Member), files a written application to the Board through the Secretary

2. The board approves or does not approve Perspective member during 30 days from the day of meeting, and, in case of approval, notifies about accepting of the application from Perspective member and provides his/her information at the closest Club meeting.

3. Any Active member of the Club has a right to submit a grounded written objection related to the accepting of the Perspective member to be an active Club member within seven days from the notification of information about the Perspective member.

4. If during the period set by the previous article the Board did not get any grounded written objection, the Perspective member is regarded an Active member, on the condition of submitting the prescribed due.

5. In case of receiving objections the Board should review them and make a decision by voting.


6.1. Each Club member should attend regular meetings of his/her Club. Club Member is considered the one, who attends regular meetings, if he/she was present at least at 60% of meetings held.


7.1. Each Active member, Senior active member and Club Veteran member pays entrance and yearly dues in the amount set by the Club Board. Senior Active members and Club Veteran members do not pay the entrance due in case they were active members of the given Club and already paid entrance fee before.

7.2. In case of quitting or dismissal the dues paid are not refundable.

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